OTC II – Basic

Learning objectives: basic theoretical principles in fracture fixation – basic approaches – external fixation

Who: 1st and 2nd years in orthopedic surgery and/or traumatology

Content: theoretical sessions and cadaveric workshops

Timing: every two year

Course directors: Ionut Caracudovici

The Basic course provides theoretical and cadaveric sessions on the operative management of fractures in ankle and wrist. In the theoretical part, a practical overview of basic fracture fixation will be presented based on case discussions. In the cadaveric workshop, participants will practice basic approaches in the wrist and ankle. External fixation as a tool in initial management of fractures will be demonstrated and can be learned during practical sessions. This course is useful for general, trauma or orthopedic surgeons in training, that are involved in operative trauma management.

“I would like to thank you a lot for the organization of this course. It was a super opportunity for us to learn and focus on these topics. I am already impatient to follow the next course.”

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